Terminal BOX

      TERMINAL 1-8 Core

ls made  of  cold.

Roll steel box, small size with plastic splice tray inside.  Lt provides an economical 

Way for terminating small optical fibers.


Dimension: 26.5 “15.5“4.8cm

Weight 1 kg

Max capacity: 1-8 fibers

Non-sealed typo fixed by bolt.

Two cable ports for indoor cable connection

Easy for operation, has high containing ability for surplus pigtails

Can connect/reconnect to adapters more than 200 times

Connector   for FC, SC, or ST


Suitable for Pigtail, ribbon and cable connectors disinbuion

Used in wall or terrace installation




Terminal  box 2 core

1-2 core


Terminel  box 8 core

1-8 core


General Description

This box is used as a Termination point for the feeder cable to connect with drop cable in FTTx

Connurlcetlon network eystem.

It integrates fiber splicing splitting, distribute storage and   cable connection in one unlit

Mearwnile , li provides sole protection and

Rnanagererl  for the FTTX network building .


-among for feeder cable and drool cable, liber spicing fixation.

Storage , disthbubon etc. all in one

-Sailable for SC and LC duplex adaptor and piglet

-Easy to operate

-Tolle enclosed structure, being nice silage

-Protects and margays cable cffcctivcly

-Secured with anti-the looking mechanism

-Standard size, light weight

-High quality PC+ABS maternal – suitable for both ourcoor  and décor USB

-Good properties of dust, and moisture paroling IP65

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